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How to control cpu settings in Android?

As Great Albert Einstein said, “Energy can neither be created nor can be destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” Have you ever imagined to control your CPU settings in Android phone?

Even if we possess the best gadget in the world the main drawback we face is limited power back up or energy. We always look for the greater aspect of facilities present in our device with minimal compromise of power and enhanced performance. As it is impossible for us to completely eradicate this property, so some innovative developers has come up with some great processor controlling app where the user can set its processor speed and performance of its choice according to the level of usage of device. Let us see some top rated must have CPU control android app that has taken the market.



Set-cpu: It is one of the well-known application among the android users. It not only gives boost to the device processor but also regulates the power of the device. But this app can be only used by the root users. SetCPU also includes a feature called “voltage control” menu to control undervolting to save even more battery.  In its main tab it shows the CPU speed and gives you an option to set your desired clock cycle. In profile tab you set your own desired control profile and set the CPU enhancement according to you needed action. You can set your own priority level of the modified profile. There is governor tab which gives you a variety of option to select the best governor you want to set the device.


This app is must have for every root devices. You can buy SetCpu app from Google play store.

 You can properly view the documentation in its official site

cpu control

CPU control lite: It is one of the best cpu control app you can go for. It controls the clock of cpu and thereby enhances the multitasking of processor as well as give better battery consumption. It has some predefined profiles and governors. Being free this might not give better flexibility than other paid CPU control apps. You can download CPU control lite from Google play store. But its full version is the paid one.

tegrak overclock

Tegrak overclock ultimate: It is one of the top rated apps in the area of cpu control.It is also the paid app.It has an extra option of checking the ARM core voltage at max frequency.It has also a wide a variety of predefined profile and flexible governors.

You can get this app on google play store.Click Tegrak overclock ultimate to download.

android overclock

Android overclock: This app is designed by JRummy Apps Inc which one of the leading app designing platform and top rankers among the highest download category. Android overclock is one of the featured app on CNN Tech,droid life and other leading android supporting sites. It is considered among the best performance booster to your device. Keeping aside all other common found features it provides the user with good and friendly user interface.Some other features are lcd density, wifi scan interval and other build props and more.

This a paid app in google play store.Click Android Overclock here to buy this app.

   no-frills cpu control

 No-frills cpu control app: It is the highest rating of 4.7 out of 5.This app only work for the root devices. Some features are Easy GUI to set frequencies, governor and i/o scheduler, presence 


of “safety valve” to avoid boot-loops in case of unsafe settings. It also provides a statistics screen to see 


the effective usage of frequencies. It is a free app. You can download this from Google play store.Click No-frills Cpu control to avail this app.

rom tool box pro


Room toolbox pro: It is another app from JRummy app Inc. It also a rating of 4.7 in Google play store. It not only provides CPU enhancement but also keep updating you device roms. It provides many features like ROM management, App manager, Auto-start manager, Font installer, Auto memory manager, SD booster and more. It is a must have app among android users. Though it is a paid app, it is now being sold at 40% discount in play store. Click Rom toolbox pro to download this app.


Many of these apps are paid and for some of them it might much more costly. But such apps not only optimize you device performance but also gives you a longer power backup. Users having high end smartphones should have one these apps to get a good utilization of your task and thereby supporting you for a longer than the usual exhaust time. You may get these apps in some local sharing websites. World around you is always numb without power.